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Bactoferm Safepro Flora Italia LC | for sausage making


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Bactoferm Safepro Flora Italia LC is a sausage starter culture that provides a smooth flavor of Italy and has antagonistic properties against Listeria.

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Flora Italia LC (‘Flavor of Italy’) gives a smooth and gentle flavour of Italian salami but with the aditional benefits of fast acidification and added bioprotection against Listeria for added safety and stability.

What are starter cultures for sausages?

Starter cultures are freeze-dried bacteria that you use in making your own dry sausages such as chorizo, fuet, salami and countless other dry sausages. They provide safety by acidifying your meat (i.e. lowering the pH) and they give your sausages their distinctive cured and ripened flavor. You always use them together with nitrite salt (curing salt), dextrose and sometimes nitrates. They roughly come in 3 variants: fast, medium fast and slow. Bactoferm Safepro Flora Italia LC is recommended for the production of fermented sausages with a fast acidification.

What are bioprotective cultures

Bioprotective cultures provide extra safety because they contain micro-organisms that, in addition to fermenting your sausages, work forcefully against pathogens. These cultures are of particular interest to the home producer who lacks access to tools to measure pH or other labequipement.  The Bactoferm SafePro ® range covers startercultures that help develop a positive eco-system that will improve food safety and/ or potentially extend shelf life.

About Bactoferm Safepro Flora Italia LC

Flora Italia LC, also known as “Flavor of Italy” provides a fast acidification and ensures a stable color and a distinctive Mediterranean flavor combined with strong antagonistic properties against Listeria monocytogenes. Most of today’s manufacturers are facing serious challenges as they constantly strive to develop safe and stable products, optimize raw material and manufacturing costs, and get a sausage with the right taste, texture and color. Flora Italia / Flavor of Italy gives a smooth and gentle flavour of Italian salami but has the aditional benefits of fast acidification for added safety and stability.

Microbes in Bactoferm Safepro Flora Italia LC

  • Pediococcus acidilactici, Lactobacillus curvatus, Staphylococcus xylosus
  • A new lactobacillus sakei strain that gives a sweeter and non-tangy flavor, which is typical of the smooth Italian products


  • 25 grams
  • suitable for 100 kg of meat

How to use Bactoferm Safepro Flora Italia LC

  • dosage: approx. 0,25-0.5 grams per kilo (please overdose a little, to ensure you have a enough bacteria)
  • Fermentation time to reach pH of 5.3 is around 12-24 hours at 24 ° C
  • Note: store in the freezer, but short interruptions of the cooling cycle will not affect quality. Shelf life up to 18 months in the freezer and 6 weeks at refrigerator temperature.
  • Contents: sucrose, starter culture, Manganese sulfate
  • Allergens: none

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