Ordering process

Do you also ship internationally?
Yes, we send to all countries in the EU.

I live in the EU and my country is not listed
Please inform us and we’ll fix it straight away.

What are the shipping cost?
These depend on the size and weight of your order and where you live. You will see the total shipping costs before you finalize your order. Unfortunately, due to EU wide change in rules regarding shipping, shipping costs for smaller parcels have increased significantly since januari 1st 2020. We regret this, but it’s out of our hands.

Do you ship with track and trace in the EU?
Yes, you can choose track and trace. Additional costs apply which differ between countries.

How does the ordering process work?
You place an order on startercultures.eu and you will immediately receive a confirmation of your order. Once your payment is received, you will receive a shipping confirmation. We bring your parcel to the PostNL office and, if so desired, they will send you a track and trace with which you can track your order.

What is your processing and shipping time?
Good question. We try to send out your order within three working days.

Expected delivery time by country as stated by carrier PostNL

If your country is not on the list, please check this document.

Belgium 2-3 workdays

France 2-3 workdays

Great Britain 2-3 workdays

Sweden 2-3 workdays

Switzerland 2-3 workdays

Germany 2-4 workdays

Poland 2-4 workdays

Czech Republic 2-4 workdays

Slovakia 2-4 workdays

Spain 2-4 workdays

Denmark 3-4 workdays

Norway 2-5 workdays

Italy 2-5 workdays

What about the shelf life during transport of, for example, starter cultures?
Most starter cultures and biological products such as casings have the maximum shelf life when stored in a cold or frozen condition. However, the shelf life is not noticeably affected by shipping. Meat starter cultures are relatively vulnerable. All international orders that include a meat starter culture will be sent on mondays to ensure the fastest delivery. Keep all meat startercultures in the freezer. Short periods outside of the freezer will not influence the quality.

Please note that the longer the meat startercultures are out of the freezer (e.g. in transit), the more the shelf-life will go down. To what extent is not clear. Some starters do not specify this at all, some mention that ‘short interruptions of the cooling cycle will not influence the quality’ others state a shelf-life of between 12 days and 6 weeks at room temperature. In the freezer however, most starters have a shelf-life of at least between 12-18 months (and many have reported successfully using starters way after that). Given the minimum shelf life of 12 days without cooling, and them being sent with an icepack to somewhere in Europe within 3 days one could expect a remaining shelflife of at least 10 more months in the freezer. Please note that this is an estimate, not empirical science.

If you order bacterial meat starters to be sent to other countries than The Netherlands, you take full responsibility for the possible loss of  quality during transit. 

How about starters for tempeh, natto, or dairy or animal casings?
No worries, none of these will be noticably affected by shipping.

Can I also pick up my order at your business address?
No sorry, startercultures.eu is exclusively a web store.

I am dissatisfied with something
Let us know and we can work it out!

I am bored
We have terms and conditions and a privacy policy and will keep you busy for hours.

About fermentation

How do I make yogurt, kombucha, sausage, tempeh, miso etc.
On most product pages we describe in detail how to use the product.