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    All in one ‘make your own tempeh’ starter kit

    Tempeh is a well-known, nutritious, healthy and tasty fermented soybean cake from Indonesia. Get started with making your own tempeh using this starterkit with a 15% discount!
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    All in one ‘make your own tofu’ starter kit

    Tofu or bean curd is a kind of young ‘cheese’ made from curdled soybean milk. It is popular as a meat substitute and is very nutritious. Homemade is infinitely better than store-bought. Especially if you press it before you prepare it. However, tofu contains a lot of water, and this makes it difficult to change its texture, to infuse any flavorings and to fry your tofu crispy and golden brown. So, you need to press it. This starterkit has everything you need to make the best tofu ever, super flavorful and crispy and golden brown!


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