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Want to make vegan yoghurt at home? We have all tools, bacteria and starter cultures for making your own plant based yogurt, vegan kefir, soy yogurt.

  • Cheese cloth | for home cheese making (5)

    Five pieces of cotton unbleached cheese cloth for cheese making. Can be universally used as cheese cloth, filter cloth, cover cloth for kombucha jars, or hop bag.
  • pH strips | for fermentation

    Acidity plays an important role in many forms of fermentation. The lower the pH, the more acidic your product. The more acidic your product, the safer your product. However, pH it is difficult to taste, see or smell precisely. That is why pH strips exist. These strips in the perfect 0.0-7.0 range for all your fermentation projects.
  • Transglutaminase is a naturally occurring enzyme. It is used to bind animal and plantproteins, improve food texture or create new products.  The animal- and plantprotein binding qualities of transglutaminase give amazing culinary possibilities that cooks are just beginning to understand. It can be used in vegan products.
  • Vegan yoghurt starter culture

    Our vegan starter culture makes the real tasty vegan yogurt, aromatic and cosistent, with probiotics; good for the immune system!
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    Soy yoghurt starter culture (vegan)

    Make your own vegan soy yogurt at home with this freeze-dried yogurt starter. With the last tablespoon of your soy yogurt you can make new yogurt up to five times!
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    Vegan milk kefir starter culture

    Make your own vegan milkkefir at home with this freeze-dried kefir starter. With the last tablespoon of your kefir, you can make new kefir up to five times!
  • Our vegan acidophilus starter culture is great culture to add to your vegan yoghurt or vegan cheese to improve it's flavor and give it more probiotic qualities.
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    With this unique yoghurt maker with adjustable temperature you can create your own  traditional yoghurt (both natural and Greek style), vegan yoghurt (made of soy milk, for example), cottage cheese, and kefir - and all of that at home! It is equipped with a timer that allows you to program your work time, ánd a thermostat that allows you to precisely set the temperature of the yogurt, kefir or cheese ripening. Versatile quality product.