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  • pH strips | for fermentation

    Acidity plays an important role in many forms of fermentation. The lower the pH, the more acidic your product. The more acidic your product, the safer your product. However, pH it is difficult to taste, see or smell precisely. That is why pH strips exist. These strips in the perfect 0.0-7.0 range for all your fermentation projects.
  • Five pieces of cotton unbleached cheese cloth for cheese making. Can be universally used as cheese cloth, filter cloth, cover cloth for kombucha jars, or hop bag.
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    pH meter | for fermentation

    Acidity plays an important role in many forms of fermentation. The lower the pH, the safer your product. You can measure the pH accurately using this meter.
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    pH tester | for meat, sausages and cheese

    This pocket sized Meat pH Tester is build to last. Comes with everything you need to get started measuring right away. Please note that the delivery time of this product is 2-3 weeks.
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    With this unique yoghurt maker with adjustable temperature you can create your own  traditional yoghurt (both natural and Greek style), vegan yoghurt (made of soy milk, for example), cottage cheese, and kefir - and all of that at home! It is equipped with a timer that allows you to program your work time, ánd a thermostat that allows you to precisely set the temperature of the yogurt, kefir or cheese ripening. Versatile quality product.
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    It is essential to know the exact pH at a certain time in the fermentation, so you need this pH calibration buffer powder.  Calibrating at least twice a month is recommended, and also when you haven't used your electrode for quite some time, it was cleaned, or it is a new one or simply because you want to make sure your fermentation is going according to plan.


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