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    Koji for miso

    This koji comes directly from Japan from the famous koji maker Hishiroku. It is best suited to make miso, but can also be widely used for shoyu, beans and other koji experiments. New: available for 5 or 200 kg of beans/grains.
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    Base koji for shoyu

    This koji type is mainly meant for shoyu (soy sauce) making, but in our experience also a good all-rounder. If you do not know which koji to start with, this is the one to go for. Aavailable in 2 sizes: for 5 kg or 360 l. 
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    Barley koji starter culture

    Koji is the mold that can do anything. Miso, soy sauce, shoyu, shio koji, amazake, black bean sauce, sake, doungjun, they all owe their amazing texture and flavor to the fungus Aspergillus oryzae. This koji variant is best suited for use on barley. New: available for 5 or 200 kg of beans/grains.
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    A. luchuensis / A. awamori black koji

    Aspergillus luchuensis or Aspergillus awamori is a special type of koji. It is one of the 'black kojis' traditionally used to make Shochu, a distilled beverage. Available in 2 sizes: 5 grams for 5 kilograms or 200 grams for 200 kg. 
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    White koji starter

    This white koji starter is best for making koji rice, amazake (sweet sake), sake, white miso, shio-koji and other light-colored foods and beverages. Also known as light rice koji.
  • Dried brown koji rice | ready to use

    This koji is super easy to use as it's rice that is already covered with koji mold! No need to steam your rice, no need to create the right temperature, humidity and timing. This has all been done for you.
  • Red rice yeast

    Red yeast rice (also called red rice koji, anka or ang-kak) is a bright reddish-purple fermented rice, which gets its color by being fermented with the fungus Monascus purpureus.
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    Shio koji gives depth to the flavor of food (umami). It is also perfect for marinating vegetables, and for making meat and poultry juicier and more tender.