Natural casings

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    You use pigs casing sheets to, for example, pack your coppa. It offers a cheap and handy alternative for, for example, beef bungs. The large surface makes them suitable for any type of meat.
  • The biggest of the biggest! A beef bung is the appendix of a cow.  You can use this beef bung for large caliber sausages such as mortadella, or coppa's.
  • A widely applicable casing which, due to the larger diameter, is very suitable for cooked sausages, blood sausages, liver sausages and traditional dried sausages of the southern European type. Natural product, dries well.
  • Unique product, you won't find it anywhere else! The after-end is the part that passes from the large intestine into the rectum. Around 30 cms in length and with a large diameter (ca 40 mm). Mostly used for...
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    Hog fat end – long

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    The big boy! No less than 1.8 to 2.5 kg of meat will fit in this 70 cm long intestine. Fat ends are made from the last part of the intestinal tract of the pig and are used, among other things, for Hausmacher liver sausage.
  • Collagen casings are less expensive to use, give better weight and size control, and are easier to run when compared to natural casings. They can also be used for those who do not like to eat or touch animal intestines. Additionally, they do not need to be soaked and can be stored outside the refrigerator, pretty much indefinately.
  • The ideal standard casing for all your sausages. Suitable for all fresh sausages, but also for small diameter sausages and liver sausages, for blood sausages such as boudin noir and of course ideal for dry sausages of the North American or Northern European type.
  • A pig bladder is a classic ingredient that is not often used nowadays. It is used for the 'en vessie' technique.
  • This intestine has a smaller caliber than the hog casing and is used as a casing for frankfurters, chipolatas, merguez and kabanosi. But, you can make any type of sausage with it.
  • A pig's bladder is, perhaps unsurprisingly, a cleaned and dried pig's bladder. A sow's bladder is much larger than a normal pig's bladder because sows are raised to reproduce and thus live a lot longer and become much larger and heavier, up to 250-300 kg (compared to around 120 kgs for a regular pig). Consequentually, their bladders are much larger too.
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