Medium fast cultures

Medium-fast cultures give a milder and slightly slower fermentation. They are good all-round starter cultures that provide a full and ripe flavor as well as good safety. You use them mainly for Northern European sausage varieties like most Dutch, German, Polish, Hungarian and Scandinavian sausages. They can also be used for slow-ripening Southern European sausage varieties such as fuet, chorizo, salame, cacciatore, sobrasada¬†or ‘nduja.

  • Medium-slow to slow, intended for Northern European and Southern European sausages. For dry sausages that get character and flavor due to a slow pH drop. Bacteria: S. carnosus, S. pentosaceus, various undisclosed ...
  • Allround starter culture. Most suitable for medium-fast and fast fermentation, but with a mild acidification and aroma. Bacteria: L. sakei, S. carnosus. Can be used as a substitute of Bactoferm F-RM...
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