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Textile casings 55 mm | for sausages


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Textile casings are perfect for making all dry cured sausages, and are exceptionally suited for smoking. They can also be used for vegan sausages.

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Textile casings are perfect for making Lebanon bologna and they are exceptionally suited for smoking. They can also be used for vegan sausages.

What are textile casings?

Originally, the linen-based textile casing was designed as a make-shift solution. Nowadays they are an important segment that enables manufacturers to create their own specially shaped products.

What do you use textile casings for?

These casings are mostly used for traditional dried sausages, but they can also be used for cooked or smoked meat products, raw sausage, semi-dry products, and poultry products. It is a natural product that dries well. Sausages cured and smoked in a textile casing will have a slightly smokier taste than when using fibrous casings. If making Lebanon Bologna, don’t forget to add a bit of brown sugar for the authentic taste!

Sausages with this casing appear particularly appetizing when displayed, which makes them ideal for your artisan sausage. Especially when using butcher’s twine!


  • 5 pieces of textile casings
  • Size: 55 (mm) x 30 (cm)

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