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Over Rook (Dutch, 2014)


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In “Over Rook” (‘On smoke, Dutch) you will learn all there is to know about smoking meat, fish and vegetables.

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In “Over Rook” (‘On smoke, Dutch) you will learn all there is to know about smoking meat, fish and vegetables: the difference between cold and hot smoking, the tools for the home smoker (from smoke pan, smoker and barbecue to cold smoke generator and smoking gun), the subtle differences in taste between oak, beech, hickory or hay and the ideal temperature at which to let them smolder. Of course, a lot of attention is also paid to tasty safety measures such as pickling and dry curing. In addition to this kind of thorough smokescience, Over Rook also learn how to make a smoke bomb, why the Chinese smoked on wolf droppings and how to assemble a cold smoker from a coffee can and an aquarium pump. The recipes are varied; from smoked bacon, smoked sausage and Amsterdam ‘Osseworst’ to smoked mozzarella, paprika and garlic and even smoked drinks.

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