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Calcium chloride | for home cheese making


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Calcium chloride restores the calcium balance of milk. Without calcium chloride, you cannot make cheese from pasteurised milk.

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What is calcium chloride?

The mineral calcium chloride (CaCl2, E509) is a commonly used additive for cheese production. Calcium ensures that essential components of milk can coagulate into cheese. It restores the calcium balance of milk. The addition of this also enhances the effect of rennet. Without this, you simply cannot make cheese from pasteurized milk. Itcan be in liquid or crystalized form.

Other applications

It can also be used for brewing, chlorides give beer a smooth, full-bodied and sweeter taste, while the calcium contributes to the flocculation of proteins and the stabilization of the taste.

It can also be used as a coagulant for making tofu.

How does calcium chloride work in cheese making

It increases the calcium content and thus the curdling willingness of pasteurized milk. It is not necessary for raw milk, but it does help.

How much do you need?

The recommended dosage

  • is 2,5 ml for 10 liters of milk.
  • or 1-2 gr for 10 liters of milk

It is usually added to milk before starting the process of cheese making. Dissolve it in milk slowly by stirring until it’s completely dissolved, then add bacteria and rennet.


  • 10 gr
  • Ingredients: calcium chloride (E509)
  • Made in Poland
  • Allergens: none

Storage instructions

  • Dark and cool

Buying calcium chloride?

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