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Transparent cheese coating | for home cheese making


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This transparent cheese coating shows the real color of the cheese! Do not use these fake weird pink and yellow colors that blind the innocent cheese lover.

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Transparent cheese coating based on copolymer dispersion in water. Suitable for rinds of all hard and semi-hard cheese.

Advantages of using a cheese coating

  • a cheese coating helps prevent mold and yeast
  • prevents weight loss during storage
  • provides protection against damage
  • Lets the cheese breathe during ripening while protecting it from excessive drying, mold, foreign particles, and germs

Advantages of using a transparent cheese coating

  • Shows the real color of the cheese! Why use these fake weird red and yellow colors that blind the innocent cheese lover.?! Your cheese is beautiful as it is and this coating will provokingly show that.


  • 100 gr
  • Color: transparent
  • Type: copolymer dispersion
  • Minimum forming temperature: 6-7 ° C

How to use this transparent cheese coating?

  1. Use our cheese brush to apply the transparent cheese coating to the top as well as to the sides of the cheese.
  2. Drying time depends on the temperature and relative humidity in the storage area. It usually takes 24 hours to dry.
  3. Repeat the procedure on the other side of the cheese and depending on cheese type and storage duration, a second and third layer of coating may be needed after a week.
  4. Do not dilute the transparent cheesecoating.
  5. The transparent cheese coating can also be applied as a protective layer between your cheese and cheese wax, wait until it’s dry before you apply the wax.


  • Store in closed containers at a temperature of 5 to 25 ° C (preferably 10-15 ° C), away from sunlight, never in the freezer.
  • Storage period is a minimum of 6 months from production (date indicated on the packaging), but in reality much, much longer.

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