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pH meter | for fermentation


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Acidity plays an important role in many forms of fermentation. The lower the pH, the safer your product. You can measure the pH accurately using this meter.

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What is pH?

The pH is a measure of the acidity of an watery solution. The pH of a neutral watery solution is around 7. At room temperature, acidic solutions have a pH lower than 7, and thus a high acidity. Alkaline solutions have a pH higher than 7 and therefore lower acidity. A pH tester determines this

About pH in fermentation

Acidity plays an important role in many forms of fermentation. The lower the pH, the more acidic your product. The more acidic your product, the safer your product. In general at a pH below 4.6 your fermented product is safe. However, pH it is difficult to taste, see or smell precisely. That is why pH meters exist.

Why measure your pH when fermenting

✅ Fermentation is not without risk, using a meter will increase safety

✅ Better understand the proces of fermentation

✅ Know when your product is done

✅ Become a better, knowledgable fermenter

About this pH meter

This pH meter measures the full pH range from 0-14, with 0,01 accuracy.

What is the difference between a pH meter and pH strips

A pH meter is a lot more accurate and does not run out. Paper strips on the other hand are cheaper and do not require batteries.

How do you use this pH tester?

Dip the pH meter in the liquid to be measured for a second or so, and the meter will give you the pH. Rinse the meter after use.

What can you use the pH tester for?

Some examples: fermented vegetables, yoghurt, kombucha, water kefir, and other fermented drinks, vinegar. Please note, you cannot measure pH properly in semi-solid products such as cheese or sausages using this meter.


  • 1 pH meter 0-14
  • Instruction leaflet
  • 1 set of calibration powder
  • No batteries included

What batteries do I need for this pH tester?

LR44 batteries, which are also know LR1154, 280-904, 477, 76A, A76, A76-1, AG13, GP76A, GPA76P, KA, L1154, LR44, PX76A, RW82, SB-F9, V13GA. The Action sells them cheaply.

Buying a pH tester?

Order your pH tester at startercultures.eu, the European webshop for all your fermentation needs. By Meneer Wateetons, renowned Dutch fermentation expert and author. Order on weekdays before  3 pm and we’ll ship the same day.  Questions on the usage of the pH tester? Ask them in our chat, we’re here to help!

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