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Salvianda salt | cure #2 alternative


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Salvianda is a salt variant that contains both sodium nitrite and potassium nitrate, and a tiny bit of dextrose. It’s a handy european alternative to cure #2

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What is salvianda salt a.k.a. cure #2?

Salvianda is a salt variant that contains both sodium nitrite and potassium nitrate, and a tiny bit of dextrose. It can be used as a substitute for cure #2, where this product is not available.

How do you use salvianda salt?

Salvianda salt it extremely suitable for all types of charcuterie and for dry sausage of the southern European type. You use it in the same dosage as nitrite salt (dry sausage / charcuterie) or sea salt (charcuterie). The added nitrite ensures rapid color formation and protection against bacteria such as C. botulinum and Salmonella. The added nitrate can be seen as a ‘time-released’ form of nitrite, which works in the longer term and also gives a characteristic matured taste. The dextrose gives better color formation in collaboration with the nitrite. Note, the amount dextrose in salvianda is not sufficient for fermentation in this dosage.


  • 1 kg.
  • Very suitable for thicker dry sausages that dry slowly, mostly of the southern European kind such as cacciatore, salame, fuet, chorizo ​​and ‘nduja and for all charcuterie such as coppa, pancetta, prosciutto, lonza and guanciale.
  • Gives the same effect as instacure # 2, cure#2 or prague powder # 2. Note that the dosage is different from these curing salts. Please see below.
  • Composition: table salt, dextrose 2%, sodium nitrite 0.6%, potassium nitrate 0.9%.
  • Now in a handy resealable bag
  • Allergens: none

How to substitute salvianda for cure #2

We wrote a whole document about it! Download it for free!


  • 30-55 grams per kilo for charcuterie
  • 25-35 grams per kilo for sausages

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