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Transglutaminase | for optimal bind of proteins


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Transglutaminase is a naturally occurring enzyme. It is used to bind animal and plantproteins, improve food texture or create new products.  The animal- and plantprotein binding qualities of transglutaminase give amazing culinary possibilities that cooks are just beginning to understand. It can be used in vegan products.

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The animal- and plantprotein binding qualities of transglutaminase give amazing culinary possibilities that cooks are just beginning to understand.

What is transglutaminase

Transglutaminase, Vzyme or Activa (brandname), is a naturally occurring enzyme found in humans, animals and plants. In foodproduction it is often used as a food ingredient to bind proteins together, improve food texture or create new products. The bonding quality of transglutaminase makes it a useful ingredient for food manufacturers, both industrially and in the home or professional kitchen. Transglutaminase is sometimes reffered to as ‘meatglue’, though it can be used to naturally glue any type of protein, both animal- and plantbased. The bonds it creates are exceptionally strong.

Other names for transglutaminase

Transglutaminase is also sometimes called Activa (brandname) or Vzyme (by former webshop vegan cheese webshop Cashewbert).

Possible usages for transglutaminase in meat

The possibilities of transglutaminase are endless, both for meat and plantbased applications. It can be used to create a perfect bind in sausages and other reconstructed products. It is often used to reform pieces of meat to create a new product, but it can also be used to combine different types of meat, from different animals, into an one product, as well as innovative products such as adding cripsy chicken skin to a lean piece of pork meat. You could eaven make creations that combine fish, meat an vegetables in one product.

Possible usages for transglutaminase for vegan cheese and other plant based products

Transglutaminase can be used in the production of vegan cheeses and yoghurts, to bind proteins in (say) cashews or soy together, or make bean or mushroom burgers with amazing texture. Additionally, it’s added to baked goods to improve dough stability, elasticity, volume and the ability to absorb water.

Our transglutaminase is completely vegan

Our transglutaminase is made by controlled fermentation of selected strain of the Streptoverticillium mobaraense.  Unlike many other brands of transglutaminase, in ours neither in the product itself, nor in the production of it animal products are used. So it’completely vegan. It is also non GMO.


  • Transglutaminase (enzyme protein)
  • Carrier:  maltodextrin (corn origin)
  • 100 grams
  • Allergens: none
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan


Opened pack can be kept at ambient temperatures.  Opened pack should be tightly closed after partial use to reduce oxygen access. Opened pack should be used as soon as possible. Oxygen access decreases activity of the enzyme.


Optimal pH is between 4 and 9.

Optimal (fastest) binding temperature is between 45 and 60 degrees Celsius.

Application tips:

a) Add 0,15 – 1,2% (based on total weight) transglutaminase to meat or plant based paste
b) Mix or chop to distribute evenly
c) Stuffing/forming
d) Will set at room temperature, but will do so faster at cooking temperatures.
Cooking: drying at 60 C for 25 minutes, optional smoking at 60 C for 10 minutes, and optional steaming at 80oC for 15 minutes – depending of the sausage diameter
e) Cooling and packaging

Alternatively, use the transglutamines with a fine sieve over the different layers of your preparation and then let it rest under pressure for at least 18 hours.


Transglutaminase will bind any protein, including those in your eyes or lungs. Be careful when administering as to not create clouds of dust that you can inhale. When inhaled or when you get it in your eyes consult a doctor immediately.

Buying transglutaminase?

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