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Slow starter culture RAPS Biostart plus | for dried sausages


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Because of the added yeasts, this slow RAPS Biostart plus starter culture gives the characteristic Southern-european flavor. Ideal for Southern-european sausages and to add flavor to your Northern European sausage.

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Sausage stuffer | 3/5/7/10 L
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What are starter cultures for sausages?

Starter cultures are freeze-dried bacteria that you use in making your own dry sausages such as chorizo, fuet, salami and countless other dry sausages. They provide safety by acidifying your meat (i.e. lowering the pH) and they give your sausages their distinctive cured and ripened flavor. You always use them together with nitrite salt (curing salt), dextrose and sometimes nitrates. They roughly come in 3 variants: fast, medium fast and slow. Slow starter culture RAPS Biostart plus is a slow type of starter culture.

About slow starter culture RAPS Biostart Plus

Because of the added yeasts, this slow-acting starter culture gives a characteristic Southern -european flavor. Ideal for Southern-european style sausages such as fuet, chorizo, cacciatore or ‘nduja and for added flavor to your Northern-european sausage.


  • 25 grams suitable for 50 kg of meat
  • Keep in the freezer, however, short disruptions of freezing will not influence the quality.

Instructions slow starter culture RAPS Biostart plus

  • Bacteria: undisclosed by producer
  • Always combine with curing salts and dextrose
  • Dosage: 0,5 gram per kilo
  • Fermentation: approximately 72 hours @ 20 °C or by lowering the temperature from 22 to 18 °C over a period of 5 days

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