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RotPot bubbles starter kit


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In Eastern Europe and Russia they drink Kvass from stale bread, in Mexico they love Tepache, a drink made from fermented pineapple. So now there is our own lowlands variant: apple bubbles!

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Make your apple bubbles with the one and only RotPot.

After the succesfull sauerkraut and kimchi variety with which you can ferment your own vegetables, we introduce the first beverage variant: RotPot Bubbles.

We all know fermented drinks such as beer, wine and champagne. In Eastern Europe and Russia they drink Kvass from stale bread, in Mexico they love Tepache, a drink made from fermented pineapple. So now here is our own fermented lowlands drink: apple bubbles! Just made from apples, available all year round and locally sourced.

Allowing apple to ferment with spices creates a fresh, slightly fizzy drink. Due to the short fermentation period, the bubbly drink contains very little alcohol and is a great alternative to wine or champagne.

Apple Bubbles is soda-for-grown-ups. The fermentation gives the drink an ‘adult’ taste. It is reminiscent of cider, but with very little alcohol. The final result, including the alcohol percentage, depends on various factors, such as the active bacteria and yeasts in your drink, the temperature of the room and the duration of fermentation and will therefore always be different.


  • 1 reusable glass jar
  • 1 spice mix (sugar, cinnamon, fennel seeds, cardamom)
  • 1 elastic band
  • 1 cheese cloth
  • 1 pH strip

Rotterdam RotPot
RotPot was developed in Rotterdam and is made in a nearby social workplace. The components are carefully selected, food-safe and can be reused endlessly. The herbs and spices are purchased wherever possible from certified, organic suppliers.

You can reuse the RotPot endlessly and from now on create your own bubbles for the rest of your life. Just add new fruit, spices and sugar. Perhaps with pear? Pineapple?

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