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All in one ‘make your own butter’ starter kit


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Complete kit to make your own fermented (herb) butter and buttermilk. The kit comes with ready-to-use herbal salt and a bacterial starter culture. Get free buttermilk as a bonus!

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Complete starter kit to make your own fermented (herb) butter and buttermilk. The kit comes with ready-to-use herbal salt and a bacterial starter culture.

About this Rotpot ‘make your own butter’ starter kit

RotPot Butter kit is a complete do-it-yourself kit with which you can make the tastiest butter at home by means of fermentation, this old preparation and conservation technique, in which bacteria convert the naturally present sugars into mild acids.

This RotPot variant comes with a classic spice mix to make the tastiest fresh herb butter. You can taste the difference. And then you only need a little bit of patience because your homemade butter is ready to be eaten after a few days.

Real butter has been fermented. Most butters from the supermarket are not, so they are much less tasty. By fermenting for a longer or shorter period, or chosing cream by grassfed cows, you can influence te flavor.

Free buttermilk as a bonus!

You get the buttermilk as a bonus, because it is created as a by-product during the ‘churning’ of the butter.

If you like making butter yourself, and you want to add a different flavor, you can vary endlessly with it. Make salted butter, or unsalted. Or add a little bit of chili pepper for a spicy herb butter.

This butter starter kit is reusable!

The materials can be reused over and over again.

What’s in the box?

  • 1 glass weck jar (content: approx. 1 liter)
  • 1 organic cotton cheesecloth (with elastic band)
  • 1 bottle
  • Classic butter Spice Mix (salt, chives, CELERY, chervil, parsley, onion, garlic)
  • Bacterial starter culture
  • Cheese paper
  • Allergens: celery

Just add: 500 ml of cream

Instructions: how to make your own butter using this ‘make your own butter’ starter kit

Please note that the instructions on the box are in Dutch. Don’t read dutch, here they are:

  1. add the cream to the jar. Add the starter culture and stir well
  2. Cover with the cheese cloth and rubber band, leave to ferment at room temperature for 24-36 hours
  3. Mix with a mixer until te cream looks likek clumps of butter in a white liquid
  4. Strain the butter in your cheese cloth
  5. Lift and squeeze as much liquid out as you can, this is your buttermilk
  6. Four the buttermilk into your jar, and cool. Drink with two weeks
  7. Knead the butter inside of your cloth under running water, repeat at least six times
  8. Put the washed butter in a jar and add the spicemix. Mix it evenly, using a fork.
  9. Wrap  in your cheesepaper and cool. Use it within a month.

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