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Caldwell’s vegetable fermentation starter culture | for vegetable fermentation


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This unique starter culture helps you make your own delicious fermented vegetables at home. The starter provides the right bacteria for the fermentation of vegetables.

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Starter cultures can proudly announce that they are the only supplier in Northern Europe of the famous Caldwell vegetable fermentation starter!

What is Caldwell vegetable fermentation starter?

The original fermentation starter culture specially developed for fermenting vegetables! This unique starter culture helps you make your own delicious fermented vegetables at home. The starter provides the right bacteria for the fermentation of vegetables, helping to produce consistently successful results and improving the taste and crunchiness of your fermentations.

Caldwell has been producing fermented vegetables for more than 15 years and has partnered with the Canadian Food Research and Development Center to research the science of lactic fermentation. This unique in-depth knowledge of the exact species, quantities and proportions of bacterial strains has resulted in an efficient starter culture that has been specially developed for vegetables.

When do you use this starter?

“But, why not just ferment wild? Isn’t that possible?” That’s right, a starter is not necessary – other than when making miso or yogurt – for fermenting vegetables. However, the Caldwell  starter culture is useful if you:

  • want to ferment  cooked vegetables
  • want very consistent results, for example in a restaurant or industry
  • want to ferment with less salt
  • you prefer not to take any risks with regard to safety
  • you’re now using sauerkraut juice or whey to start your vegetable fermentation. That is absolutely inferior to the Caldwell vegetable starter, which introduces a much wider range of lactic acid bacteria than, for example, sauerkraut juice.


  • Vegan, non-GMO and dairy free
  • 3 x 2 grams of vegetable fermentation starter enough for 12-15 kg of vegetables
  • Handy manual
  • Made in Canada

Micro organisms

Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus mesenteroides, Pediococcus acidilactici


The manual is included in the package. You don’t need more than vegetables, a pot, salt and this starter.

Buying a vegetable fermentation starter?

Order your vegetable fermentation starter at starterculturen.eu, your webshop for all your tempeh, koji and tofu. By Meneer Wateetons, Dutch author of the reference books Over Rot (2015) and Over Inpakken (2020). We will ship the same day that you order (weekdays before 15:00).  Questions about how to use the vegetable fermentation starter? Ask them in our chat- we’ll resolve it.

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