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Wooden vegetable slicer | mandolin


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This wooden vegetable slicer is a vintage tool that is a must-have item for your kitchen. It is a handy tool in your kitchen for quickly cutting all kinds of ingredients. Perfect for vegetable fernentation!

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This wooden vegetable slicer is a vintage tool that is a must-have item for your kitchen. Use it for potato chips, wafer-thin cucumber slices, or the vegetables you want to ferment.

What is a wooden vegetable slicer or mandolin?

A wooden vegetable slicer is a handy tool in your kitchen for quickly cutting all kinds of ingredients. You use the mandolin when you need to cut thin slices or strips, for example. Think of julienne cutting a carrot, cutting fries, or cutting a cucumber into wafer-thin slices. A mandolin is a bit like a kitchen grater where you go back and forth with the product you want to cut. The big difference is that you can set a mandolin in different positions. This allows you to determine exactly how thick you want to cut a product. You really have to think in millimeters but this can make a world of difference. For example, in a refined salad or on a sandwich, thinly sliced vegetables or fruits taste the best. Carrot strips, cucumber slices or potato chips? With the wooden vegetable slicer, it’s all cut up in no time and equally thin.

Advantages of a vegetable slicer over a knife

  • Speed – Much faster, suitable for larger quantities
  • Consistency – each slice will be exactly the same size
  • Sharpness – our vegetable slicer is probably sharper than your knife
  • Paper thin -you can slice much thinner with a mandolin than with a knife

Why a wooden vegetable slicer?

The first advantage of a wooden vegetable slicer is that it is very hygienic. Different studies have shown that wood has natural antibacterial properties. After a wooden object has come into contact with bacteria, these bacteria would have disappeared after 1 to 2 hours for 99.9%. This is a quality that other (man-made) materials often do not have. If you ever doubted whether or not wood was hygienic, rest assured!

Secondly, wooden cookware is also absolutely food safe. Wood is a natural material, so it is not really harmful to the human body. When cooking, baking, slicing or serving, it is possible that some microscopic particles will come off your cutting board, pan scraper, or wooden vegetable slicer. This then ends up in your food and then inevitably in your body. It’s not very healthy if this happens with plastic utensils and those plastic particles end up in your body.

Since wood is a completely natural material, those small wooden particles that end up in your body are not harmful at all. Of course, there are also many benefits that have to do with the environment, mainly that wood is a renewable resource.  Countless objects are made from wood all over the world and yet we still have an abundance of it.

How do I use this wooden vegetable slicer?

It has a sharp and adjustable blade so you can easily cut your vegetables in different sizes within a minute. Take the vegetable and start slicing (take care not to slice your finger), it’s a simple no-frills tool.

Are you wondering what snacks to make? Potato chips, beet chips, and coleslaw or cucumber salad are easy snacks, but also more advanced dishes like Pommes Anna or Onion Soup les Halles are now within your reach. At a thicker setting, you can slice sweet potato and use them as a toast to serve something delicious.

Making fermented vegetables with a mandolin

But the vegetable slicer is most often used for preparing classic fermented vegetables like sauerkraut and kimchi. For your convenience, we sell the other tools as well, ranging from a fermentation crock to a pickle pounder, and a fermentation starter -if necessary!!

  • dimensions: 41 cm long, 10 wide

Online workshop ‘how to make kimchi (and ferment other vegetables)’Fermentation workshops

In this English spoken workshop, you will learn all about kimchi, the popular fermented vegetable. Spicy, fresh, and incredibly tasty. You will discover that this flavoring is extremely versatile and that the range of preparations is enormous. There is even 7-up kimchi! In the meantime, you will also learn something about fermentation. By Foodwriter ‘Meneer Wateetons’, author of several books on fermentation and alternative food preparation techniques,  Click here for more info.


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