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Online English spoken workshop ‘how to make your own miso’


During this English spoken online masterclass, Dutch foodwriter and fermentation expert ‘Meneer Wateetons’ will teach you how to make your own miso.

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During this online miso workshop, Dutch foodwriter and fermentation expert ‘Meneer Wateetons’ will teach you how to make your own miso. Thanks to a special form of fermentation, two very modest and rather boring ingredients come together to form one of the most beautiful, complex substances on earth. Mister Wateetons tells you exactly how that fermentation works and what you need for it, how you can make miso at home from now on, how you can speed up the process of making miso, how you can vary endlessly on these two basic ingredients and what kind of cool things you can do with miso.

What will you learn in this online miso workshop

✅ English spoken
✅ Learn how to make your own miso from Dutch fermentation expert Meneer Wateetons.
✅ What tools and ingredients will you need?
✅ What is this ‘koji’ mold everyone is talking about?
✅ How can you be sure that you will not poison yourself?
✅ How can you speed up the miso making process?
✅ How can you vary endlessly with just two basic ingredients?
✅ Create completely novel recipes with the knowledge you’ll gain from this workshop.
✅ Vegan friendly

How, how long and when?

When you order this online miso workshop you will immediately receive a link to the online workshop. You can watch it immediately, or at your own time. The workshop takes around 90 minutes.

About your teacher

‘Meneer Wateetons’ is a dutch culinary author who has published 8 books on sausage making, smoking, fermentation, charcuterie making, brewing and distilling and ‘sub-urban hunting and survival.’ His award winning books are best known for their combination of in depth theory, no nonsense hands on approach and a light tone of voice. None of his books are currently available in English, yet. Meneer Wateetons gives frequent workshops on the topics he writes about, in the same humorous style. Due to COVID-19 he has been making a switch to online workshops.

Ingrediënts used in this workshop


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