We ship everywhere in Europe, including track and trace.

Our store is based in the Netherlands. We ship to all countries in the EU and a few outside of the EU. Please check the list below. Don’t see your country? Send us an email or text and we will see what we can do. All shipments are sent including track and trace, so you’ll know exactly where your parcel is all through the journey.

Order before 15:00 – same day shipping

All orders placed before 15:00 (Amsterdam-Berlin) during weekdays will be sent the same day. Orders made after friday 15:00 will be sent on monday.

FREE SHIPPING for orders over €100 to The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium

If your order value exceeds €100, we’ll pay for the shipping to The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

Countries, cost and estimated shipping time

Check the table to find your country, including shipping cost and estimated shipping times.

Please note that due to the COVID pandemic shipping is generally slower. Check the  regularly updated list of delays by country here.

If your order was returned to us because you didn’t pick it up in time, or the product did not pass customs in your country, you will need to pay for shipping again if you want us to re-send the order. If you would like to cancel the order, we can refund the payment without the shipping cost.


Cost including track & trace (excl VAT)

Estimated shipping time*

Albania €24,73 3-6 days
Austria €8,16 3-5 days
Belarus €24,73 4-15days
Belgium €6,82
FREE for order values over €100
1-2 days
Bosnia & Herzegovina €24,73 6-12 days
Bulgaria €28,79 4-6 days
Croatia €11,48 5-8 days
Czech Republic €8,12 3-6 days
Denmark €12,20 2-3 days
Estonia €18,35 4-6 days
Finland €14,38 3-6 days
France €9,98 2-4 days
Germany €6,82
FREE for order values over €100
2-3 days
Greece €20,23 3-6 days
Hungary €9,39 3-6 days
Iceland €27,00 4-10 days
Ireland €14,15 2-4 days
Israel €27,00 7-14 days
Italy €10,68 2-5 days
Latvia €15,57 3-6 days
Lithuania €9,87 4-6 days
Luxembourg €15,84 1-2 days
Montenegro €24,73 4-14 days
Netherlands Mailbox package €3,90
Parcel  €6,90
FREE for order values over €100
1 day
North Macedonia €24,83 5-15 days
Norway €11,84 5-12 days
Poland €9,98 2-4 days
Portugal €11,15 3-5 days
Romania €19,96 3-6 days
Serbia €24,73 5-14 days
Slovakia €9,65 3-6 days
Slovenia €18,72 2-4 days
Spain €11,15 3-5 days
Sweden €16,84 2-5 days
Switzerland €13,02 3-4 days
United Kingdom €7,79 5-7 days
Ukraine 24,83 7-11

* Please note that these are estimations made by the Dutch Post. They are subject to various influences such as time of the year, Brexits or pandemics. No rights can be derived from this table.