Wear your fermentation love with pride! Startercultures.eu offers, in collaboration with Spreadshirt, a wide selection of awesome t-shirts, hoodies and sweaters with fermented designs from designer and illustrator Tijs Koelemeijer.  Each order is printed individually – making your t-shirt unique – and will usually arrive anywhere in Europe and North America within 4-6 days.

All types, sizes and colors

We have

  • hoodies
  • t-shirts
  • sweaters
  • tank tops
  • polos
  • and even kitchen aprons (tip!)

They are available in men’s and women’s (and baby) fits and in all colors of the rainbow.

Design your own
Not enough to choose yet? You can even design your own clothing with one of our designs.

–> Check the shop below or design something yourself.

Please note, both the order and the payment, production and distribution happens seperate from startercultures.eu. It is a separate store, though run by the same owners.