Kombucha is a delicious and refreshing fermented drink perfect for every occasion. You can enjoy it to beat the summer heat or drink it during winter with your dinner. Most people restrict limit kombucha to drinking purposes only, but there is so much more than just flavour. If you are interested in finding a few other kombucha applications, keep reading to find out!




What is kombucha?

Kombucha is to a mildly caffeinated and acidic tea. It is very refreshing and has fantastic health benefits. Let me tell you, this fermented tea drink has been consumed for centuries, most notably in Japan, China and Eastern Europe. The ancient Chinese have been drinking this tea for more than 2,000 years, but it has only recently become popular in western countries. If you love to try new drinks, you can typically find them in health food stores. However, there is an increasing number of brands available in mainstream supermarkets. Plus, you can make it at home as well.  



How is kombucha made?


Now, if you love trying new things at home and your mind is stuck on making a refreshing kombucha at home, let me tell you, it is not rocket science. Especially with our kombucha starters available in the online store, you can make kombucha that is nothing but perfect. All you need is a SCOBY, sugar, tea leaves and water. You can follow the step-by-step instructions and you will end up with a tasteful and refreshing drink.




✔️Ready for some science? Read all about the fermentation of kombucha here.


How is kombucha normally consumed?


Because it’s so good for you, many people drink kombucha regularly. Many people even brew it at home! If you’re not ready to make your own yet, you can buy kombucha from stores or online. Most often, kombucha is consumed as a refreshing fermented beverage. The drink is usually chilled or served over ice and enjoyed in the same manner as other soft drinks, though it may still be hard to find at restaurants or bars.


What else can you do with kombucha?


Do you think kombucha is just another drink that makes your day better and gives you nutrients? Well, think again. Kombucha can be used as more than just a drink, and here are a few ideas that prove our point:


  1. Make a extra-fancy drink out of it
    Kombucha is pretty fancy as it is, but you can make it even fancier. For instance, you can mix it with other drinks or juices to create a kombucha mocktail. Or you can add your favourite fruits like apples, ginger, and strawberry and prepare it for a second fermentation. As the flavours infuse, you get a more flavoursome drink. Lastly, you can add aromatics like lavender, rose petals, or spices like cinnamon, clove etc. and enjoy a unique flavour combination.
  2. Use kombucha as a salad dressing
    Many people use kombucha to dress their salads, and why not? I mean, you use apple cider in salad dressings don’t you? The refreshing flavour of kombucha is a cherry on top of salads. The more acidic kombucha has a flavour similar to vinegar. So, you can use it with a bit of dijon mustard, olive oil and black pepper.
  3. Use kombucha in cooking and baking
    Kombucha has surprisingly many uses in everyday cooking. You will be amazed to try and incorporate it into your daily cooking. For instance, you can add it to your marinade for steak or pork chops. You can soak grains and lentils by adding a small amount of kombucha in plain water.
    Moreover, you can use it in baking as well. Most people add soda or beer to their cake or cupcake batter. Why not try adding kombucha? It will make your baked goods lighter, fluffier and more tasteful. You will notice the difference.
  4. Using kombucha for personal care
    We all know the many benefits of drinking kombucha. It sure does good from within, but have you ever thought of using it as a personal care item? If your kombucha has gone way too acidic for you to drink, don’t through it away. You can use it to rinse your hair. Just don’t forget to mix it with water to neutralize the acidity. It gives your hair shine and makes it healthy. You can spray it on your face, giving your skin a natural glow. The natural ingredients in kombucha will provide hydration.
  5. Using kombucha for homecare and gardening
    The many ways of using kombucha don’t stop just with cooking and personal care. You can use it for cleaning purposes as well. We all use vinegar now and then for cleaning purposes. Because kombucha also has high acidity, you can replace vinegar with it and voila!

    Plus, it is also a natural pesticide for your home and garden. Use it to spray over bugs and ants and say goodbye to them! Spray water mixed with kombucha over your plants and soil. It will add acidity to the soil, and the plants will grow better than ever!


kombucha starterkit

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