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Waterlock and Weck jar lid – large – 100 mm


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This waterlockset comes prefabricated, no need to drill holes yourself. It fits on all standard 100 mm Weck jars.

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What is a waterlock?

The waterlock ensures that carbon dioxide can escape, but that no oxygen, fungi or fruit flies can get to your fermenting vegetables or whatever type of fermentation you use it for. The rubber grommet ensures that the waterlock fits perfectly in your lid and that no gas can escape around the edges.

About this waterlock and Weck jar lid – large – 100 mm

This set comes prefabricated, no need to drill holes yourself. It’s an official Weck 100 mm lid and will fits on all standard Weck  100 mm diameter jars. The mouth diameter should be 100 mm. Please check your jar mouthsize before ordering.


  • 1 waterlock
  • 1 100 mm plastic Weck jar lid with grommet
  • diameter: 100 mm


Don’t have weck jars? Unsure? Check out these alternatives.


  1. Carefully insert the waterlock into the hole, making sure not to crack the lid. It helps to use a little water or oil as a lubricant.
  2. Fill the waterlock halfway with water
  3. Close the lid tightly.

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