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Saltpeter/potassium nitrate | for sausages (cure #2)


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Saltpeter / potassium nitrate is used as a preservative to prevent color loss in meat. It is converted into nitrite inside of your sausage. Can be used as a substitute for cure #2.

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What is saltpeter / potassium nitrate?

Saltpeter / potassium nitrate is used for curing as a preservative to prevent color loss in meat. It is converted into nitrite inside of your sausage. You can see it as a ‘time-released’ form of nitrite. It is therefore moest used for thicker dry sausages that dry slowly, mostly from the southern European type such as cacciatore, salame, fuet, chorizo ​​and ‘nduja.

Saltpeter is also used in cheesemaking in which it prevents formation of gas in the cheese (gas formed by coli).It be added at levels of about 200 ppm to Edam, Gouda, Swiss to inhibit growth of gas forming Clostridium tyrobutyricum.

  • E252
  • saltpeter
  • potassium nitrate


  • 50 grams of potassium nitrate
  • Allergens: none

How to cure with saltpeter / potassium nitrate

  • in sausage making always use it in combination with nitrite salt, never alone.
  • In combination with nitrite salt it has the same effect as instacure # 2 or prague powder # 2.
  • In cheese making to prevent unwanted gas formation.

Saltpeter/potassium nitrate can be used as a substitute to cure #2

Please read our free document on how to substitute cure #2 when this is not available in your country.


Pay attention to the dosage.  You need very little

  • Meat:  0.3 grams (three-tenth!) per kilo of meat. However, it’s not particularly harmful if you add a little too much.
  • Cheese: 1.5-2 grams per 10 liters of milk.

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